P.S. I love you
Date : Saturday, February 7, 2015
Time : 2/07/2015 12:12:00 PM

Floorball ivp is finally over. I don't know whether to say this with a tinge of sadness, relief or what.

I really want to recount the game on 3 feb, because that is a very significant point in all the floorball that I've been playing. and I will never want to forget this day..

On sunday, two days before the match, there was this curiosity in me that wanted to find out when IVP floorball started, and when was the last time NUS floorball had won the championship. As i finally arrived at my answer, i was in disbelief that we had never won the championship before. That was because i was aware that the seniors has always been very strong in floorball. Maybe it was sheer bad luck, but whatever it is, it ignited a fire in me, that we MUST get this championship and create that bit of history.

I'm so glad i found out about this though. Because otherwise, i don't know where will the fire be coming from. For once, it was triggered from the inside.

Nervous pangs came in again, like what i first felt in all that excitement of playing floorball matches for the first few times in JC.

and after the long wait on tuesday, 7.30pm was approaching and the match was starting. Honestly, i didnt have the absolute confidence that we will win this game. It was not an easy game and i was mentally prepared for that.

then the first period started. Nerves on both sides, the tension from the team, the anxiety that we were not scoring. Possession was almost equal but RP had such quick counter attacks i knew we could not afford any stupid mistakes. There were a few chances on both sides, and every time they had a chance against us, i just take a deep breath in and pray with all my might they will not convert. And thank goodness for Ain that really saved our asses so many times, i could heave a sigh of relief. I wanted so much to do something, to break in, to beat the opponents, but as far as i remembered, i didnt have much possession of the ball. Period 1 ended and you know things could really go either way at that point in time.

Their defenders were lobbing the ball to their forwards, who were fast and skilled. That got me really worried, all they needed was just that one chance and i think we might crumble. Just a thought. Period 2 started. and i cannot really remember if it was period 1 or 2, but when Michelle lay a board pass to me, i kicked the ball with my leg and it went to the centre, the RP player immediately picked it up and went towards our goal. At that point in time, my heart literally stopped as i went 'shit!' Thank goodness that shot went out.

I tried to be as focused as possible, same thing happened, possession was almost equal as the ball ding dong back and forth with all of us having equal scoring opportunities. Then suddenly, as i was defending the last man, as the ball went back to her, she didnt approach the ball, so i tried my luck and ran towards her to steal the ball. I somehow manage to get the ball from her and went 1v1 against the keeper. As i was sprinting towards the goal, i heard the crowd's cheers increasing. The things that happened thereafter i don't remember, maybe it was adrenaline but somehow i just took the decision to go on my backhand and tip the ball in, the keeper stuck her foot out and with the inertia, i couldn't stop myself and rolled on the floor. I was in pain but that was a moment so significant i got up almost immediately and celebrated with all the other teammates that were on court to hug/hi five me. That was a momentous goal. I think i would remember this goal for a long time (: Our morale went up like crazy and within the next 15s, Deniese took a shot and it went to the back of the net! my goodness, it was so sensational. It felt like we had won the game even though i tried hard to keep my cool.

After some more dingdonging of which we had more attacking opportunities, they committed a foul and we had a penalty. I was asked to take the penalty but i missed it ): Power play was after that but while we had possession, we didnt manage to convert too. Then, we were in this situation whereby Michelle made a short pass to eliz along the board side, and i was on the other side of the court, so i ran to the centre as i was calling for eliz, the ball came to the centre so i just swung my stick towards the goal and wheeeee it was a goal (: we were 3-0 up and we were so happppppy! period 2 ended after that..

the 3rd period was crazy. I really admire RP's fighting spirit in wanting to give us a good fight, they didnt give up but tried to get it back! they starting to gain a lot of scoring opportunities. A few mins into the 3rd period and they had alr scored the 1st goal. I started to get worried, because i knew RP was gaining momentum and we started getting flustered. Plus the ball is round and at that point in the game, you really know that anything can happen. We committed a bad mistake which resulted in a necessary foul and so gave power play to RP that converted it in less than a few seconds. RP was 2-3 down to us. I was so scared.. We still had 5 mins to the end of the game and RP was literally high on the goal, they kept attacking and attacking. Somehow, we were too flustered to even hold possession of the ball, i remembered shouting like crazy to "HOLD THE BALL!" but somehow everyone just wanted to pass in which resulted in quick counter attacks. I remember just wanting to go into court and try to do what i could.

We got a free hit! someone made a nice pass to jaslin when she converted it into the back of the net. 4-2! that was just crazyyyyyyy!! i knew it wasn't easy for RP to catch up 2 goals in a matter of 2 mins? we were all so happy! and everyone calmed down thereafter. that was the importance of the 4th goal! And then my line got in at the last 30s? I remember just wanting to shield the ball and hold the possession of it. I turned my head to glance at the scoreboard and it was 14:48. I had 12s to hold the ball and obviously i did that. They didnt come up to be to try and steal the ball too. At the last few seconds, i just wanted to try my luck for a break in, i heard 3 of them were on me, but as i attempted a shot, this girl slashed me and diverted the ball away, it went to the blind side and eliz scored! 5-2 up, i  knew we had sealed this win. Within a few seconds, the final whistle blew.

As i was sitting on the chair, i just took every single detail in. It was as though the world had stopped at that point in time. Everything was slow-mo and it felt great. Something which i haven't felt from floorball in a while. I got overwhelmed and almost emotional but i held it in. and then we celebrated as people were busy recounting the game and laughing and taking photos. I only wish for this feeling to last forever of which i know is impossible. But to all who made this possible, thank you very very much.

Date : Monday, September 22, 2014
Time : 9/22/2014 01:09:00 AM

hi, not that it would be inappropriate to post it at a more 'solemn' cyberspace but just thought it'll be nice to pop by blogger once again.

anyway the recess week is here, how time just flew past like that.

From feeling rather empty and upset over the finland trip, till bouncing around life till now..

Nice things have happened, sad things have happened as well but i guess that's just life?

I think staying in hall made me realise a few things. but most importantly, it made me realise how important my family is and how much i really treasure them. Each and every one of them. Previously, i have never consciously made time for my family. But this time, i know it's different.

And then it made me think about my parents. If i feel that i'm growing up quickly, it could only mean they are growing old real fast. And even though they can really get on my nerves sometimes, i can't help but be so thankful for all the love they have showered me with. It's not a given that every parent should and will love their children so much.

But i'm beginning to see the obvious in many many ways. For all that they've provided me with, for all the heartaches they have to put up with. Maybe this is why sometimes while diverging from the path of solely pursuing academic excellence, i wonder if that's a right choice.

Because i want my parents to be proud of me. In some ways, i kind of know that seeing your children attain success within their own definition makes them really happy and proud.

Date : Saturday, March 8, 2014
Time : 3/08/2014 11:04:00 PM

hi, rare first post of 2014 (:

when i go back to read my posts which i posted back in those days, i cringe! but i guess that's all part of growing up.

now that i'm certain no one reads this.. this could be a secret blog ;)

since the last post, things changed, things remained the same (:

but somehow when ask to summarise everything in a word, all i can think of is 'floorball'. i would think everything i do minus school is floorball related hahaha! i'm really glad i even had this tiny interest during PE in sec sch or else i would probably never get to know this amazinggggg sport. Even though i admit i kind of miss playing tennis and maybe table-tennis.

But so many things can be associated with floorball. My most extreme emotions on a happiness scale. There has been times when it can get tough to get out of a emotional wreck, but somehow, things always end on a good note (: i would attribute to the company. I've been truly blessed with kind people around me. and i'm not just saying this because i think people are nice nice. But they are genuinely such precious people and you know that no matter the number of thank-yous you can ever say, you can never thank them enough.

Hc floorball- seniors and batchmates. 2 separate journeys but each gave me their unique memories that i'll always hold dear to (:

even juniors. now that my roles kind of overlaps because i'm also coaching, but it's such a wonderful thing to be from the sidelines looking at how each individual grow, and how the team come together, the whole journey is just wonderful

st margs girls (: these girls will always hold a special place within me.

nus floorball- as close friends would know, i take considerable amount of time to open up to people. but i'm glad this was a team with people i grew to appreciate. short but memorable times (:

now you see what i mean when i say floorball really gave me so many things. not only has it taught me about the essence of team sports, life lessons to deal with shit and to get back up, but it gave me so many wonderful people that has been or are continuing to be big parts of my life.

and when you do get to meet people like that, thank yous never suffice, goodbyes are surreal and the best thing is the warmth that touches the depths of the insides that you would feel different had you not meet these people.

To the good handful that i really appreciate, i hope the best things in life happen to you!

Date : Monday, September 30, 2013
Time : 9/30/2013 12:20:00 AM

Hello! I'm so bored in Starbucks. Today is not a productive day for studying D: 

Anyway, long time no see! HAHAHA. This is like totally abandoned alr. Sorry poor blog hahaha! 

My profile is totally not updated. Hahahaha! 16+!? I wish I was at that age though (: 

Life has been kind so far. Maybe that's because I don't come here to post when I'm sad. If anyone still visits here, I will confer you the 'loyal reader of a non-existent blog' award! hehehe.

I actually have another blog on LJ. But even if I were to provide the link here, it's a locked blog so no point also la. It's just another side of me that is not always so happy and full of thoughts. So you can do away with the misconception that 'Shannon is always very happy!' Hehehe! I'm an old soulllll~ with unhappy thoughts D: 

I think I'm a bit incoherent already. Ok, yay, my sister decides to leave Starbucks alr. For the past 3 hours, I think I only read 3 pages -.-

Byebye, see you soon, blog (: I've missed you hehehe 

Date : Wednesday, April 3, 2013
Time : 4/03/2013 01:06:00 AM

here goes the video (:

Date :
Time : 4/03/2013 12:51:00 AM

hello (:

it's been long since i last posted here. if anyone still reads this blog, i only post on blogger whenever i'm using the computer even though i have the app in my phone.

read a pretty thought-provoking article. sometimes i have no idea why i'm so private about my thoughts but everytime i'm upset, i feel a need to isolate myself. like the other day..

maybe now i feel a little more "open" but then something happens, i retreat into my shell again.

the past few months have been kind to me. no school stress and whatsoever, but everytime some things will trigger the "one year ago, i was..." "one year ago, i felt...." "one year ago, this was me"

coach shared this video on facebook and it did conjure some thoughts within me. but i'm just wondering, will there be an impact? after watching it, will i just accept that society is too hard to oppose and just conform and be one of the rats in the endless rat race

now that i have some responsibilities, i think i cant YOLO that often anymore. it used to be ,"dont care, just whack, deal with the consequences later" but now my actions will have great repercussions and things build on things. sometimes i wish i didnt have to restrain myself so much. just go with the flow~

I've never shouted at people so fiercely and loudly as far as i remember. i really dont want to do it. but some emotions just cant be easily controlled and i guess the important thing I've learnt is to be honest with how i feel. It always feels like a challenge, and if i can get drained, i darent imagine how it is like for coach.

Date : Friday, November 23, 2012
Time : 11/23/2012 06:49:00 PM

the contestants are supposed to give thanks on thanksgiving.

too touching, never teared so much while watching x factor before ):

i know no amount of thanks is enough to thank all those that has been by my side. but from the emotions i gather, thank you so much for everything.

thank you. i received your letter last night (':

Date : Tuesday, November 20, 2012
Time : 11/20/2012 07:23:00 PM

HOW CAN ELLA HENDERSON BE ELIMINATED!!!! saddddd): she's so good! i want to hear her singggggg):

Oh, my my how beautifulOh my beautiful mother
She told me, son in life you're gonna go far
If you do it right, you'll love where you are
Just know, wherever you go
You can always come home

Oh my my how beautiful 
oh my irrefutable father
He told me, son sometimes it may seem dark
But the absence of the light is a necessary part
Just know, you're never alone, 

you can always come back home

Date : Friday, November 9, 2012
Time : 11/09/2012 04:56:00 PM


Date : Saturday, September 29, 2012
Time : 9/29/2012 09:27:00 PM

even though i dont really like his version of "the rose" but the way he sings is so (cannot describe)
the emotions he put into singing (:

Date : Thursday, September 20, 2012
Time : 9/20/2012 07:58:00 PM

Date : Wednesday, September 12, 2012
Time : 9/12/2012 08:15:00 PM

she's a talent mannnn! (Y)

Date :
Time : 9/12/2012 05:23:00 PM

have been watching the talent shows (: i think it's amazing to see some people's dreams come true. i know there might be some playing up of emotions by the producer of these reality shows, but it's still very touching to know that these stuffs do happen. and the people's courage are (Y)

someone on the show sang this song! it's a nice song (:

Date : Sunday, September 9, 2012
Time : 9/09/2012 09:56:00 PM

Have you ever wondered
How much I think about you
Have you ever wondered
How much you mean to me

Have you ever wondered
How much I really love you
Have you ever wondered
How much I really care

Faces all around
But all I see is you
Voices everywhere
But all I hear is you

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